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Chelsea Watego has delivered a work that is part anthem, part love story. In a series of essays about the difficult – often backbreaking – labour involved in surviving the colonial logics and systems that determine everyday life in Australia, Watego refuses to pander to the needs of readers who aren’t Aboriginal. It is unapologetically written for her community.

Watego’s descriptions of the institutional and physical violence Aboriginal people are forced to endure in contemporary Australia are clear, urgent, and white hot with rage.  At the same time, her portraits of moments with family, community, and ancestors are tender, vulnerable, and joyous.

Watego creates a Black intellectual republic through her words. Indeed, this assertion of independence is the foundation upon which her work rests. In marking out this space, free from the gaze of white Australia and the systems it has created, Another Day in the Colony creates its own borders and in this way it is brave, and free.

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“Watego’s essays draw from other great Black thinkers to argue for a future based not in inclusion and hope, but self-determination.” – Declan Fry, The Guardian

“Another Day in the Colony retaliates and reclaims Black stories to fortify Black people and futures.” – Timmah Ball, Books + Publishing

“This book speaks to the ‘power of the Black woman as witness …’” – Kara Nicholson, Readings online


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