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Homecoming is both a genre-defying book, and a deeply respectful ode to the persistence of Noongar people in the face of colonisation and its afterlives. Elfie Shiosaki writes with a steady – and often invisible – hand, amplifying the voices of people whose words have been buried for too long.

Shiosaki has produced a work of careful excavation. With an extraordinarily light touch on the page, Shiosaki moves beyond authorship, occupying, instead, the liminal space of daughter, caretaker, and choirmaster to a chorus of voices.

Shiosaki has delivered a work of poetic and narrative genius and can be read either as an ensemble of poems or as a single piece that moves seamlessly between the elegiac and the joyful. Homecoming is a gift to the nation, one that works its magic with a quiet grace and an unstinting clarity.

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“Homecoming calls a younger generation to gather all we can before it is lost, and reminds white readers that the real cost of this land they walk on is the lives that were torn apart. Sometimes “sorry” just isn’t enough.” – Carissa Lee, The Saturday Paper

“The poems are ‘fragments of many stars’ in her grandmothers’ constellations.” – Jeanine Leane, Australian Book Review

Homecoming speaks to the intergenerational dialogue about Country, kin and culture.” – Australian Arts Review 


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