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This speculative fiction is set in a re-imagined Australia that is culturally rich and actually reflective of real everyday Australians, rather than the generic, watered-down, Neighbours version of our country. There is a true sense of human beings grappling with issues that are universal, but complicated and enriched by their specific backgrounds.

Among a lot of high-stakes speculative fiction produced on this continent, Chan’s portrayal of everyday life in a technopolis is refreshing in its quiet ambition. She taps into issues of the metaverse, illness, and cyborgism to bring these ideas a new significance to our own lives.

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Every Version of You is generous in its propositions; if not hopeful for humankind, it speaks of the indeterminate value of the human soul.” – Megan Cheong, Meanjin

“With an intriguing blend of cli-fi, philosophy of mind and transhumanist themes, Grace Chan’s novel delivers striking science fiction steeped in absurdity and dystopian menace.” – Fiona Capp and Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“Where a lesser novel might set up an existential showdown between the devil we know and the one we don’t, Every Version of You asks us to make peace with the ambiguities within ourselves.” – Alan Vaarwerk, Kill Your Darlings


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