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The Life to Come is a compelling work that rewards through its layered storytelling, showcasing an author at the peak of her powers. It is a novel that explores vast and varied terrain, both physical and psychological, examining many places – Sydney, Paris, Sri Lanka – and the people who move within them. The central character, Pippa, is a shamelessly ambitious young writer, who influences the lives of others through her words; the novel plays out in five parts that sweep through themes of loneliness, vanity and apathy. De Kretser asks deep questions about responsibility: to ourselves, to each other, and to our national identity. Stunning sentences, sharp social observation and biting honesty make this accomplished novel feel fresh, full and unforgettable.

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‘A thought-provoking novel of both beauty and brains.’ Kirkus Reviews

The Life to Come is an intense reading experience, marked by a sense that the very culture that Western Civilisation needs to rescue itself from egotism and pettiness is itself suffocating. De Kretser’s honesty is often funny…but not always comfortable. Her powers of description and evocation are remarkable.’ Michael McGirr, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Life to Come cements Michelle de Krester’s place as a premier writer of Australian identity, not the mythologised version – of Anzacs, battlers, and bushrangers – but the globalised reality, our culture of cosmopolitan insulation and well-meaning tactlessness.’ Beejay Silcox, Australian Book Review

‘De Kretser is an ironist without peer in contemporary Australian writing. Her instincts are subversive, her scalpel well-honed. She exposes her characters’ vanities, only to turn our sense of their thoughtlessness and self-regard inside-out so that we might sympathise with their loneliness. Her powers of social observation are as acute as her awareness of the fictions we live by.’ James Ley, Sydney Review of Books


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