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Reading Josephine Rowe’s work is an utter joy. Here Until August is an incredible collection that showcases the true talent of Rowe as a writer of characters that are as engaging as they are unique. Each story is carefully constructed, with every word chosen for a purpose—this thought and attention to detail makes the writing shine and shows a strong sense of technique and nuance.

The stories in this collection look at all of the core aspects of human life—grief, love, sex, sadness, joy and loss. They are deeply reflective, with moments of lightness that create an overarching sense of optimism.

Rowe’s stories are full of heart and empathy, and ultimately explore the human condition through relationships. The narratorial voice shifts gently, drawing the reader in and allowing for a reading experience that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking.

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‘Here Until August is a book to spend time with: carry it around with you to read in spare moments, and keep coming back to it until the edges are worn and you’ve spilled coffee or wine on it at least once.’ Felicity Sutton, Book Review: ArtsHub.

‘Josephine Rowe’s stories are about beauty, moments of unexpected and lingering magic that interrupt or punctuate the everyday.’ Fiona Wright, Sydney Review of Books.


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