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The immediate appeal of this collection of short stories is the striking colour and movement that imbues the characters, setting and narrative of each story—it’s a vibrant read. Within this environment, Bui delivers bolts of warmth, humour, despair, poignant reflection and enduring kinship. The book is also brimming with nostalgia, with Bui’s writing perfectly encapsulating Vietnam, a location superbly rendered here. Bui presents streetscapes, temporalities and relations that we want to inhabit.

In a year where a number of short story collections emerged as some of the most impressive entries, Bui’s Lucky Ticket was among the choice few that provided the freshest of perspectives and an exuberant and exciting voice. This is a book we found ourselves wanting to carry around, look at, repeatedly leaf through and show off to people. It is full of fresh, daring writing and delicious, tangible worlds,and the book and Bui’s talent are both absolutely needed on the Australian literary-scape.

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‘Bui’s narratives are profound and unforgettable.’ Cassandra Atherton, Australian Book Review.

‘The experiences of people of colour reign supreme in this collection with the few white characters, distinguishable only by their privilege, otherwise relegated to the margins.’ Sonia Nair, Books+Publishing.


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