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The Weekend is domestic realism at its very best. Four women in the third act of their lives—post-kids or what-have-you, post-marriage, post-menopause and all its trimmings—and they aren’t going to change now. They know each other—they really know each other. But after Sylvie’s death, when the other three gather for a few days, the balance isn’t quite right anymore. Plenty of wine is imbibed, an elderly dog makes mess, and lies are exposed.

This is a funny and honest, thoughtful and real book and there isn’t a hint of pity in the unveiling of the story. Wood wants her readers to see the characters completely, even while they attempt to keep things from each other. The language is rich and clear, and the characters always remain distinct. Perhaps they no longer like each other but they do love and rely on one another, and it’s that dichotomy that drives the tension and drama that builds with the subtlety and sure hand of a master storyteller.

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‘Wood’s disarming lightness of tone also teases the women’s many foibles, dancing between empathic close-up and wry distance.’ Susan Wyndham, The Guardian.

‘For Jude, Wendy and Adele, the sense of possibility, of opening up, of not being done yet, does not disappear with age – and why would it?’ Sophia Barnes, Sydney Review of Books.


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