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Dropbear is a breathtaking collection of poetry and short prose which arrests key icons of mainstream Australian culture and turns them inside out, with malice aforethought. Araluen’s brilliance sizzles when she goes on the attack against the kitsch and the cuddly: against Australia’s fantasy of its own racial and environmental innocence. She revels in difficult questions like “Can’t be lyric if you’re flora, right/Can’t be sovereign if you’re fauna, right?” And “Humans…did you really think all the Bad Banksia men were deadibones when they went to the bottom of the sea…?” Acerbic, witty, and with no reverence at all for the colony, Araluen remembers those dispossessed and voiceless, just as she predicts a hard-won future for her children – “look at this earth we cauterised/the healing we took with flame/I will show them a place/they will never have to leave”.

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“Dropbear is a work of agency and radicalism.” – Jeanine Leane, Sydney Review of Books

“Dropbear can teach us all if we are willing to learn how to read, to listen, to comprehend.” – John Kinsella, Sydney Morning Herald

“…Dropbear, is a lyrical and satirical collection full of punch and purpose.” – Raelee Lancaster, ArtsHub 


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