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Lee Lai’s Stone Fruit is a moving graphic novel in which queer couple, Bron and Ray, find themselves at a tense crossroads in their relationship. Mental health struggles and wounds inflicted in their families of origin have brought their relationship to a heartbreaking impasse. But amidst this turmoil, their days spent taking care of Ray’s niece, Nessie, are idyllic and imaginative and suggest a future worth moving towards. Throughout scenes rendered in Lai’s signature art style – simple lines and a muted blue and grey colour palette – and featuring spare, perfectly articulated dialogue, Bron and Ray go looking for answers about how to heal these past hurts in order to show up better for each other as a couple. Stone Fruit beautifully reflects a tender domesticity that is affecting and atmospheric.

This is a deceptively simple depiction of the many various and complicated versions of familial love and care we can experience in our lives. Stone Fruit is a work that is honest, unassuming, and powerfully told.

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“Lai is attuned to the small, non-verbal ways we relate or fail to relate to one another.” – Eloise Grills, Meanjin

“Transformation — the painful, non-linear, ongoing process of moving between worlds — is at the heart of the story.” – Laura Sackton, Chicago Review of Books

“I always love a book that questions parenting and motherhood, and explores the different shapes and forms they can come in.” – Arizona O’Neill, Montreal Review of Books


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