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This startlingly original novel, like its eponymous Greek and Roman legendary creature, contains many faces, twists, and turns, and yet works cohesively as a story of great intrigue and black humour. At first drawing the reader in with its compelling narrator and brilliant use of metaphor and language (particularly in her description of Queen Anne furniture!), the story unravels towards something darker, more sinister – while never veering away from that unique sardonic humour. This is a truly weird and awe-some book in the best sense of those words, with an eccentricity that is never posturing or forced.

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Hydra is an addictive concoction of caustic humour, painfully accurate psychological scrutiny and Gothic wildness … Without a doubt, Hydra is one of the strongest debut novels of the year.” – Jackie Tang, Readings Monthly

“Adriane Howell’s debut novel Hydra is unsettling and dreamlike … thrilling and haunting.” – Danielle Bagnato, Books + Publishing

“This elegant debut is sinuous and strange.” – Imogen Dewey, The Guardian


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