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The Furies are personifications of female anger and devastation, and this is the book equivalent of a hand-grenade lobbed at oppression. Our heroine is an abattoir worker and the metaphor is blunt force – this is not an accident. Beaumont casts an unflinching look at how patriarchy manifests in poverty, particularly in an era where postpartum depression and psychosis wasn’t a medical condition but a personal character flaw. There is an inventiveness of language here that is wholly engaging, and every single character in this book exudes a sense of feral vitality. A powerful meditation on gendered, inherited, and historical trauma.

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“Stays with you . . . Beaumont’s prose shines.” – Madeleine Gray, The Saturday Paper

“Stark, poetic. . . A rallying cry for revolution.” – Carmel Bird, Sydney Morning Herald

“Beautiful and lyrical.” – Natalie Kon-yu, The Conversation


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