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The Jaguar centres on a remarkable sequence about the death of the author’s father from Parkinson’s Disease: tender, memorable poems that capture grief and loss and love through unforgettable imagery, often blended with humour. Throughout the collection, Sarah Holland-Batt investigates the body as a site of both pleasure and frailty, writing equally effectively about sex, romance, and ageing.

Accessible, lyrical and wise, this is a book from a poet at the height of her powers.

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A confronting and heartfelt elegy for her father, bookended by the devastating end of his life but not forgoing the vivid living of the rest of it – capturing his humanity, his illness and her loss with clarity and love.” – Steph Harmon, The Guardian

“Her artistry is exhilarating.” – Amanda Lohrey, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Few poets can achieve this level of transformation, allowing their images to move with argumentative force… The poems about her father are among some of the most powerful written on this subject and many readers will be profoundly affected by them.” – Judith Beveridge, The Australian


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