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In this remarkable biography, Alexis Wright follows an Aboriginal tradition of storytelling that she describes as a ‘practice for crossing landscapes and boundaries, giving many voices a part in the story’. Tracker is a collective memoir of Tracker Tilmouth, charismatic Aboriginal leader, thinker, entrepreneur, visionary and provocateur. Tilmouth worked tirelessly for Aboriginal self-determination, creating opportunities for land use and economic development in his many roles including Director of the Central Land Council. This unique, majestic biography has been composed by Wright from interviews with family, friends, foes and Tilmouth himself. It is one man’s story told by many voices, almost operatic in scale. With a tight narrative structure, compelling real-life characters, the book sings with insight and Tracker’s unique humour. Wright has crafted an epic that is a truly rewarding read.

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‘A demonstration of the power of oral and collective storytelling…It’s not just Tracker’s story, but a life interwoven with the story of the stolen generations, Aboriginal activism, Australian politics, and the culmination of tens of thousands of years of culture and connection to land.’ Alex Gerrans, The Guardian

‘It paints a vision of action and possibility for this continent that makes it required reading for all Australians and all those interested in this land.’ Jane Gleeson-White, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The nuanced portrait of Tracker that emerges from these collected fragments reveals the impact he made on so many lives. This is a landmark work – epic in its scope and empathy.’ Bronte Coates, Readings


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