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Diving into Glass is a deeply moving journey across family, love, art, literature and loss. Lit throughout with brilliant prose, this book reveals a family on the brink. Set against the backdrop of mental illness and childhood trauma, it is also the journey of the hard-fought victories that signalled changes in legislation surrounding the conditions of people with disabilities.

Llewellyn shows she has total control of the prose as she eloquently reveals the life she watched her father live—paralysed and in a wheelchair for most of his adult life as a result of polio—is something she herself may face after a diagnosis of MS.

The author takes us into the dark places of mental illness as well as the beauty of her mother’s, Kate Llewellyn, poetry. Diving into Glass is a brilliantly constructed story that is at once gripping and tender—shot through with love and empathy for the author’s family.

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‘Memoirs of illness are tricky. The raw material is often compelling: dramatic symptoms, embarrassing public moments, and unavoidable relationship pressures. The challenge is to share that raw material in a new way.’ Astrid Edwards, Australian Book Review.


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