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This is a definitive account of the origins of the newspaper industry in Australia, uncovering through meticulous research, the deals, dynastic intrigues and politicised government policy which has created the newspaper business we currently have.

Young’s book is a seamless historical account which weaves the best of storytelling devices and academic research into a highly readable history. It will stand the test of time, contributing to our collective understanding of what media is and should be in Australia.

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‘Papers Emperors should be on the reading list for every course on media history and is an essential text for anyone who is curious about the rise, and rise, of the media industry in Australia.’ Dr Rachel Franks, Dictionary of Sydney.

‘Sally Young opens a pandora’s box into the very real world of crime, politics, strategy, ruthlessness, financial gain, bankruptcy and manipulation that is seldom seen, let alone touted in the papers.’ Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews.


Read Professor Sally Young interviewed by Professor Matthew Ricketson on Paper Emperors in Australian Policy & History.

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