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Never before has memoir read quite like this. From the opening pages of Ellena Savage’s Blueberries, the reader is tipped into the chaotic and fiercely intelligent mind of the author, travelling with her to Portugal to track down the status of an assault charge laid over a decade ago. This searing and technically outstanding essay is the first of a collection that challenges, tests and demands engagement from the reader. 

In writing Blueberries, Savage has uttered a challenge to the world to discard preconceptions about the form and structure of an essay or memoir, and to instead join her on a journey of experimentation that is fuelled by her strong, independent voice throughout. 

In form and in content, Blueberries is exquisite.

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Blueberries is clever, candid, and thoroughly fresh.’ Rosalind Moran, ArtsHub

‘Savage deftly shifts between stylistic devices, narrative voices and time, and the result is breathtaking.’ Roz Bellamy, The Guardian

‘Defying categorisation, Blueberries is unlike much else in Australian writing at the moment, and heralds Savage as a major new voice in experimental nonfiction.’ The Saturday Paper


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