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In Indelible City, Lim combines on-the-ground reporting of the experience of protestors in Hong Kong with an investigation into Hong Kong’s competing and contested histories. The work challenges how the media frames stories ‘from both sides’, and poses questions for all forms of history making, including contemporary non-fiction and memoir.

By choosing to participate in – and not just stand witness to – events, and then critiquing her reasons for doing so, Lim transgresses traditional expectations of journalism and forces the reader to consider the role journalism plays in shaping our understanding of the world. Indelible City is a vibrant international literary achievement, speaking to the shifting geopolitical moment we find ourselves in while also examining the ongoing legacy of imperialism and colonialism.

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Indelible City dismantles the received wisdom about Hong Kong’s history and replaces it with an engaging, exhaustively researched account of its long struggle for sovereignty.” – Amy Qin, The New York Times

“An ambitious project and a grand achievement, blending reportage and memoir to tell the story of a city caught between two competing narratives … Indelible City demonstrates the power of words in ways readers might not expect.” – Elizabeth Flux, The Saturday Paper

Indelible City is more than a book: it is a haunting testimonial to the intertwined vitality, tragedy and hope of Hong Kong. Louisa Lim weaves together three powerful narratives to tell this city’s story…Unforgettable reading.” – Kevin Carrico, The Conversation


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