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In We Come With This Place, Debra Dank shares with us a life that is at once extraordinary and familiar. Dank’s words are lucid and beautiful. Her skill not only as a keen observer of her own life, but as a narrative builder and scholar of it, is obvious. The shifting timeline that forms the structure of the book draws her stories together to intentionally and clearly shape our understanding as readers, without ever being overbearing. Dank treats Country with agency and power, and Country is what holds her stories in place. She complicates many of our assumptions as readers, including what to expect of memoir as a form and where to direct our attention. A memoir of unique grace and defiant power.

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“A jewel to rival Australia’s great desert memoirs. Beauty and pain intertwine as Dank deftly weaves the story of her family, ancestors and country.” – Tara June Winch, The Guardian

“This is a heart-stopping voyage into bush Aboriginal life, philosophy and history… (It) will surprise, delight and astound you.” – Melissa Lucashenko, The Sydney Morning Herald

“As Australia contemplates a Voice to Parliament, this book reminds us to listen. Listen when the land tells her story. Hear the voices of the traditional owners. Listen first and then you will know.” – Grattan Institute’s 2022 Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List


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